My favorite scripture is found in Ecclesiastes 3 which talks about Time. To me, TIME is the Operations Manager of this Earth. You respect it and make it on Earth or disregard it and crave it in the End! 

Time is a very expedient and delicate resource in the life of man. The Bible spells it out clearly that; ‘There is time for everything’. Note that, the allocation of time to everything was done by God himself. 

Basically, God exists in a realm that is not bound by time or space, He is only bound by his will. God doesn’t wear a G-shock or even a Rolex. He doesn’t have a Day-Timer or a PDA but Our activities here on earth are bound by seasons and time. It means that we have a timed people serving a timeless God. In other words, a limited people serving a God of no limit. This is how come man doesn’t understand and will never exhaustively understand the ways of God. 

Lets make some interesting delves into this chapter Ecclesiastes 3;

1′ There is time for everything and a season for every activity under Heaven 

When a fruit is out of season, it doesn’t signify the end of the particular fruit. In due season, it fruits and spreads everywhere. In the same vein, as humans, there are times that you’d have to learn how to be out of season. It doesn’t signify your end, it only signifies a preparatory stage for your sprouting. The time that things are not going on well, is the time that you must cling unto God firmly knowing that God is planting you and that your season is coming; where you would be found everywhere. 

Don’t throw yourself away and give in to cheap things when you are out of season. But trust in the God who dictates times and seasons to plant you and you’ll flourish ‘In His Time’. 

2’ a time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to uproot. 

There are only two very important times in the lives of Humans. The time you are born and the time you will die. This is because you didn’t realize the day you’re born neither will you realize the day you’ll die. This scripture echoes the fact that as soon as you are born, you are living to pass on one day. 

And as it is appointed unto men to die once, but after this judgEment – Heb.9:27. 

Between the time you are born and the time you will die is the opportunity to decide your fate. If you don’t make good use of the time now, you last words will always crave for more time but it would be too late. That’s why when your time comes to an end of earth; you are called ‘THE LATE’. This is because by then, all the time deposited into your life’s account has been exhausted and the only thing left will be for you to make accounts of how you treasured, invested, managed and enjoyed this life deposit. 

3’ a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build. 

Now, many Christians are much concerned about building; being successful, being rich. That is not bad; but we must be mindful that there are instances that we must not take all openings as opportunities. God commanded Saul to attack the Amalekites and totally destroy them; Do not spare them even Cattle and sheep – 1 sam 15:3But Saul after killing the people, took the best of the sheep and cattle and spared the King’s life. That was how God rejected Saul as King- 1 Sam 15There is time for everything including a time to kill and a time to spare. So when God wants us to kill, we have no business sparing. Its not always about building, sometimes you need to tear down as the time demands, and wait patiently for the will of God. 

4’ a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. 

One inevitable thing in life is a life is a time of weeping. As humans, we are bound to weep at certain times. Even Jesus wept- John 11:35. However, like Mary, some Christians weep when they aren’t supposed to weep. Mary went to Christ’s tomb and when he could not find his dead body there, she started weeping. Jesus appeared and asked her, ‘ Woman,why are you weeping?’ – John 20:11-18. The sad thing is that, Mary could not recognize Jesus. She thought it was the gardener, this is because she was busily weeping for not seeing the dead body of Jesus. She was weeping over the loss of a dead body at the point where there is a living body before her. 

This is what happens to most Christians; they weep too much over little things that when greater things appear, we can’t recognize. Don’t be too caught up in weeping… It can destruct you from noticing the dancing time – ‘In His Time’. In Eccl 12:1, it is noticed that there are two opposite times always been spoken about in each verse. One good time and one bad time. But there is a third class of time called ‘His Time’. His time is the product of both good and bad times. You can’t have ‘his time’ without both bad and good times. 

The challenge is how to stand when in the bad times. We must know that “There is no ‘Tetelestai’ without ‘Lama sabactani’”. In other words, before you get to ‘Tetelestai’, you must have been able to stand firm in the ‘Lama sabachtani stage’. Both words were said by Jesus Christ on the cross. 

‘Tetelestai’ means ‘It is finished’ and ‘Lama Sabach thani’ means; ‘Why have you forsaken me’?. Jesus Christ at a point on the cross felt forsaken. Jesus cried with a loud voice and said; ‘My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me’? –Matt 27:46. In life there is a point where man will always feel forsaken; Even Jesus felt it. In this stage, you may cry out and ask questions, just as Christ did on the cross. But you must not forget one thing, that, In His time ‘It will be finished’. The challenge here is the ability of man to be able to commit his spirit back to the same hands that looked like a forsaken hand. Jesus said; ‘Father, into your hands I commend my spirit’- Luke 23:46 The same hands that had seemingly forsaken him is mentioned here again to keep his spirit. Jesus understood the principle of ‘His time’; He knew that though he looked forsaken today, there is no secrutity anywhere else than the same hands of the Father (same hands that looked like a forsaken hand). 

As Christians, we have to know that the forsaken times will come, but we should make sure we still commend our spirits into the same hands that looked forsaken. Job said, ‘Though he slays me, I shall still hope in him- Job 13:15. God always has a bigger plan that man doesn’t understand. As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts higher than your thoughts- Isaiah 55:9. So in difficult times, comfort yourself with the thought that, God is doing something you don’t understand. It will in the end be all beautiful. Don’t compromise on your purity because of what you are going through. Don’t speak against God and his people because you feel forsaken today, for if you commend your spirit in his hands, it will soon be finished and He will make all things beautiful ‘In His Time.


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