Faithfulness in little things

Faithfulness in Little Things

There’s a saying that, “To whom much is given, much is expected“.
What about the one to whom little is given, is little expected??
I realized somehow that, much more is even expected from the one to whom little is given.

Being faithful in “little things” is a requirement for every christian before you can be put in charge of many things.
However, many christians fail this test because they are most often busily waiting for when they would be given much, thereby not focusing on the little they have to manage.

They later get upset when the little given them is even taken away. But that is what happens when you fail to be diligent and stay focused on the little things; the little you have will be taken away according to Matthew 25:29b.

The principle is: “be faithful in little things and take much”. If you don’t pass the former, you have no business thinking of the latter.

Much is expected from who much is given…
But little is never expected from who little is given.

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