The Thomas Class of Christians!!

Buying an iPhone at Circle or Kasoa is arguably the riskiest thing to do in this century. Charle, if you are not careful you can pay over 1000 Ghana cedis for tea bread wrapped in an iPhone box.

These guys can be wicked oo. You will check the thing, everything will be correct. How they will change the thing into some stone, ego over you. Some senior man in the office where I had my NSS(National Service) went to buy a 17 inch plasma tv and brought home a neatly arranged set of plywood. The guy cried like a baby.

From that time, whenever I am buying anything, especially phone, I blow in tongues all. I spend about an hour doing check up on the phone, check MAC address, test earphones, check storage and even keypad. I check Siri and compare it to other original phones before I say my last prayers then I can take it away.
Kyire se, unless I touch the nail marks and put my finger in its side, I won’t believe (
Thomas, AD 001)
I have stolen the lines of Senior man Thomas (John 20:24 ) when he was told Jesus had appeared to the other disciples. He wanted to check Jesus’ palm to see the nail marks and feel his side before he believes. Jesus saf, see how he is checking him, what will he do if he is buying a phone at Circle.

Thomas also called Didymus was a disciple. That means he was present whenever Jesus was preaching to them and telling them he will die and resurrect. So how come he still wanted to touch and feel him before he believes his resurrection. I have thought of three possible reasons for this and there are many Christians like this in our churches.

Firstly, Could it be that Thomas never believed anything Jesus said? All the sermon on the mounts etc. These type of Christians, I call them – 1st class Thomas Christians. They hear the word but never believe.

Secondly, Could it be that he had just forgotten how powerful his Master was in a space of just 72 hours? These type of Christians, I call them – 2nd class Thomas Christians. They hear, they believe but they forget soon.

Thirdly, Could it be that the manner in which Jesus died, ripped him off his faith that he will resurrect as he said? This type of Christians I call the 3rd class Thomas Christians. They believe the word in good times but forget it in bad times.

In any case, many Christians today shout the biggest Amen to the sermons and attend the 33 days fasting and prayers but never really have that faith in the Christ.
Thomas was present when Christ was preaching but still demanded extra pink sheets to confirm his resurrection.
Folks , let’s take Christ by his word.
We need no other argument; what he has promised in his word shall surely come to pass.


Authotity Jnr!!

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