Hello there! You are welcome to L’Estadio Earth as we bring you live commentary of the final Universe Cup match between two teams of great rivalry. Dieu FC are the visitors who without struggle made it through an easy run to the finals. FC Satana who went through thick and thin are excited to be in this final. It is obviously going to be an easy run for Dieu FC. Let us watch and see how things unfold. We are your commentary team, Prof Amek and my good friend Kojo Tee. Without further much ado join me as the match unfolds. Our referee for the night is Frenchman Le Saint Esprit.

The whistle blows and here we go! Skipper Adam sends a short pass to central midfielder Abel. Abel unfortunately crushes into teammate Cain. Rumors have it that FC Satana want to buy Cain which might account for this poor performance in his team. This crush leaves Abel with a concussion such that he cannot continue the match. From the bench comes a central defense midfielder Seth to take his place. FC Satana make their first move after ten minutes of play. A long cross from center back Deceit lands the ball at the feet of right winger Demon Serpenta. He gives a lob pass over goalkeeper Eve’s head and it is in for a goaaaalllllll!! Dieu FC have not been able to draw the scores. FC Satana’s coach is so happy since his side is the undermined side. The referee blows the whistle and the first half has ended.

The second half starts with some substitutions in Dieu FC. Christe Jesus steps into the field and the crowd goes wild for him. He now has the arm band after he came to replace former skipper Adam. The whistle sounds and the second half is on. FC Satana make a move which is abruptly stopped by right back Petra who takes the ball skillfully from Fearo. He passes the ball after a short run to Paulus. Paulus nicely back heels the ball to Jesus. Jesus moves with great speed, power and marvelous skill as he makes it pass three defenders. He moves with the ball and dribbles one, two, and three and sends a neat unreachable shot into the top left corner of the goalpost. Goalkeeper of FC Satana, HumanWill who was recently transferred from Gethsemane FC could not reach this ball as it went pass him into the net. It is the skipper who scores the equalizing goal. The crowd of Heavener supporters are jubilating. What a goal!

There is another substitution in the seventy-fifth minute as Jamez makes way for Philippe Samaria, making his debut for Dieu FC. Le Saint Esprit awards Dieu FC a free kick after a bad tackle by Herod. Johannes Zebedee takes the shot which is blocked by the wall of defenders giving Stephen the chance to take a rebound which is tipped over the pole by HumanWill. Apollos takes the corner kick which is converted by a beautiful diving header by Paulus which lands neatly in the pole. It is two-one against FC Satana. Coach Satan regrets selling Paulus out at the middle of the season since he is a pain in the neck of his former team now. The referee indicates two minutes as added time. Johannes Zebedee who recently arrived from Patmos CF adds up to the tally of goals by Dieu FC as he gave a wonderful bicycle kick after the cross from Petra.

The final whistle blows and the crowd is making a lot of noise as Dieu FC lift the Universe Cup. They worked hard for it and in the final moments of the match scored to take it. It has been great commenting on the match. Until next time I am your one Prof Amek with my main man Kojo Tee. Have a wonderful evening. Ciao!

Author: Prof Amek